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Bone Grafting for dental implants

In situations where bone levels are too low to place a dental implant, usually where a tooth has been lost many years ago, or you have a particularly high smile line, your dentist may suggest you have bone grafting done.


Derived from natural tissue, bone graft material is placed into the site of intended bone growth to provide a functional support for the screw of the crown, much like a natural tooth root buried into natural bone. This not only adds much-needed support to a dental implant, but returns the jawbone to a more natural shape to maintain the natural contours of the face.


Bone Grafting Procedure


If you and your dentist have decided that this will aid the chances of you having a successful experience with dental implants then an extra stage will be added a few weeks before the placement of the dental implant whereby the bone grafting material is put into place and left to be integrate. Additionally, during the placement of the dental implant, small amounts of natural bone collected as a by-product of the procedure will be incorporated back into the surrounding bone, further increasing the chance of success.

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