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Implants with Dental Bridges

A dental bridge can be used when multiple front teeth are missing the result can be a very unsightly smile and severe difficulty biting. With the loss of multiple posterior teeth comes the significant loss of function. Long-term tooth drifting, as with single missing teeth, is also a primary concern which can further affect aesthetics and function of the mouth, especially if movement contradicts the occlusion of the opposing teeth. This latter issue is one that regularly causes masticatory muscle aches and headaches, something which can be solved easily with a dental bridge.


Replace multiple teeth with a dental bridge


A resin-bonded dental bridge can be offered to replace multiple teeth. This is a false tooth that is held in place by attachment to neighbouring teeth, which consequently require the shaping and preparation. These teeth that support the false tooth are not only trimmed, but experience greater pressures than usual and consequently suffer a larger periodontal and endodontic (gum and nerve) risk over time. Though this treatment option does have its disadvantages, its results are often predictable, familiar and provide an aesthetically sound, fixed prosthesis. However, it is an option that cannot be pursued if the adjacent teeth are not adequate enough to be prepared to support the bridge.


Removable partial dentures


A removable partial denture can also be a treatment option. It is often an ideal choice due to the ease with which teeth can be replaced when damaged, or added if other natural teeth are lost. Despite this, a lot of patients stay away from removable dentures because to their bulky nature, and the way they affect speech and taste. They also pose a tooth decay risk as clasps and ridges can form a site of plaque retention. Furthermore, dentures need to be removed at night and for cleaning which many patients find unpleasant. It can also be a relatively uncomfortable treatment option when used to replace lower teeth as retention is sometimes hard to achieve and comfort is often compromised.


Implant-supported dental bridge


Dental implants are very successful at supporting bridges to replace multiple teeth and provide a very aesthetic and functional form of replacement. Implant-supported dental bridges do not need to be removed at night, do not interfere with speech or taste and do not undermine other sound teeth in the dentition. Other advantages mimic those of single tooth dental implants such as the maintenance of bone levels so that neighbouring teeth are at no risk of becoming loose and the face shape is upheld.

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