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Mini dental implants

As one of the most advanced pieces of dental technology, mini dental implants are similar to conventional dental implants but are considerably thinner: less than 3mm (usually between 2.2mm and 2.75mm) in diameter and therefore can be inserted into the bone without the removal of overlying tissue, meaning the procedure is less invasive and has a shorter healing time.



Where mini dental implants are useful

Mini dental implants are recommended in situations where bone levels are not thick or dense enough to house a standard dental implant. Despite its tiny size, a mini dental implant is able to securely stabilise a denture and is particularly advantageous in patients where more invasive surgery is contraindicated (or undesired) as they are able to be placed without surgical involvement and consequently have a much shorter healing time and no need for stitches. Treatment for low bone volume (bone grafting) is not necessary with the use of mini dental implants, removing the necessity for further surgery and stitches.



Same-day mini dental implants

Mini dental implants can be placed, and an adjoining fixture added, in the same day, allowing you to leave the practice with a new smile after only a short procedure. They are also considerably cheaper than standard dental implants, but in some situations more of them are needed to house a prosthesis with the stability a standard dental implant can offer.



Which type of implants do I need?

Only a trained dental implant specialist can make the correct decision when it comes to which type of dental implants you need, which also requires specialist equipment to measure the amount of bone available. For a free dental implant consultation with one of our award winning dentists contact our team today. In addition to free implant consultations we also offer interest-free credit on all dental implant treatments.

We stock only the highest quality products from the most respected manufacturers. All implants are placed by a team of fully trained dental professionals. Contact us now for a consultation >> 
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