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Problems with Implants

It is important to understand the possible problems with dental implants when choosing to replace teeth through the placement of a tooth implant. Most problems that arise with dental implants stem from poor oral hygiene but as with all dental and surgical procedures there is naturally a limited success rate, and sometimes a limited clinical result.


Sometimes a small amount of metal may be visible through the thin layer of gum that overlies it, but this is a relatively uncommon problem and is only seen under very close inspection. It is also important to understand that a dental implant takes a particular length of time to place and involves a surgical procedure that the other treatment options don't.


Though all dental work needs to be carefully looked after to maintain high standard results, dental implants require a very important and long-term cleaning regime and when a dental implant fails the subsequent treatment options can be complex and time consuming.


Problems with dental implants used with dentures


An implant-supported denture can also be tricky to clean but this will be made easier through instruction from a dentist. However, any problems with dental implants are very rare at our dental surgery and most patients have a very successful experience with us.


Smoking and poor oral hygiene are two habits that can decrease the success you have with implants. Learning how to brush your teeth properly is one of the easiest things you can do to improve your oral hygiene, speak to one of our dental hygienists for more information.


Are you experiencing any problems?


If you are experiencing any dental implant problems, whether you had your dental implants abroad or here in Scotland, our expert dental team has many years of experience with dental implants and can assist you. Contact our dental team today and we will try to help in the best way we can.

We stock only the highest quality products from the most respected manufacturers. All implants are placed by a team of fully trained dental professionals. Contact us now for a consultation >> 
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