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Same day dental implants

Lots of people are looking for a quick fix when it comes to tooth replacements, one of those options is same day dental implants in Glasgow. At our dental implant centre we are able to offer mini-implant-retained dentures as part of a same-day treatment plan. Mini dental implants can be placed and you can leave with your adjoining permanent denture immediately.


However, it is much harder to perform a same-day treatment plan with standard-sized dental implants, regardless of whether they support a crown, bridge or denture. The possibility of failure increases, and further bone loss can be expected, when you immediately load a dental implant and this is the reason that, at our Practice, we have a period of integration between dental implant placement and loading.


It is this integral part of the dental implant procedure that brings such successful results. Same day dental implants can be offered only in rare situations where there is not only a clear medical history but solid, dense bone foundations which lend themselves well to dental implants. Patients should be cautious about undergoing dental implant placement and restoration on the same day as research shows that this produces a significantly higher failure rate.



When same-day dental implants are not recommended


If you have unstable, damaged or unwanted teeth it is not recommended to have these replaced with same day dental implants at the time they are extracted. Much better results are achieved when the tissue is allowed to naturally heal before further treatment.


Fast smiles: Even though we don't recommend fitting a permanent prosthesis immediately after dental implant placement, patients never leave our clinic with a smile they are unhappy with. We are always sure to fit a well-made and aesthetic temporary prosthesis, especially if the areas under treatment show in your smile. This way you can continue to be happy with your smile in the couple of months, interim until the bone and dental implant are integrated enough to support the permanent prosthesis.


If you're interested in same day dental implants in Glasgow contact our team today to book a free dental implant consultation.

We stock only the highest quality products from the most respected manufacturers. All implants are placed by a team of fully trained dental professionals. Contact us now for a consultation >> 
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