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Sedation for nervous patients

The placement of a dental implant is a relatively comfortable procedure under local anaesthetic but very rarely some slight bruising, swelling or mild discomfort can be expected over the following days; this can be eased through the taking of standard pain medication like ibuprofen.


Local anaesthetic injections


Some patients do not like the thought of local anaesthetic but at our surgery every effort is made to decrease the discomfort of the injections. The thinnest needles are obtained and anaesthetic gel can be used before the injection. Some patients claim to not have even felt the injection when these two aids, along with the compassion and gentleness of the dentist, are used.


Intravenous dental sedation


For more nervous patients, intravenous dental sedation can be requested for the procedure. This is the simple act of a trained individual introducing a sedative into the bloodstream, the levels of which are monitored and adjusted throughout the dentistry and aids the patient into a deep, but conscious, relaxation. Some patients describe the feeling as if they had been drinking lots of wine, and others claim to have felt delightfully drowsy and light-headed while many patients cannot recall their experiences at all as if they had been in a peaceful sleep throughout when in fact they have been completely cooperative. IV dental sedation is also renowned for making longer treatments almost magically fly by, making it the best friend of an anxious patient.

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